About Randonautica

Randonautica is a tool created to enhance the human experience with novelty by mindfully exploring the world, the interconnectivity of the universe and to test the hypothesis that human consciousness and the distribution of random numbers can be entangled through phenomena linked to Mind Matter Interaction (MMI).

​Developed by the Global movement The Randonauts and based on the theories stemming from the Fatum Project, the Randonautica app was created to encourage people to venture outside of their day-to-day routine by using a quantum random number generator to derive a truly random coordinate to journey to. The phenomenon has taken the world by storm and there are millions of Randonauts exploring their surroundings in nearly every country.

Why Go Randonauting?

​Venturing outside of day-to-day routines with positive, sincere intentions (see The 9 Tenets of The Randonauts) lead to meaningful, mind-bending experiences and a deeper understanding of the interconnectivity within the universe. Randonautica presents an adventurous opportunity to do this by generating truly random locations sourced with quantum entropy all the while testing your ability to influence matter using thoughts, energy, technology and the world just outside your doorstep.

​Randonautica is on a mission to serve curiosity seekers around the globe by sincerely exploring the world they never knew existed. By doing so, Randonauts are able to open their minds to endless possibilities within reality and automatically become a crucial part of a phenomenon pioneering the entry into Mind Matter Interaction (MMI) for the betterment of humanity.

Randonauts of all ages explore to:

  1. Have a fun and meaningful adventure. Create your own legend through a quantumly random journey and discover things along the way that have meaning only you can uncover.

  2. Break out of the mundane. Escape your patternistic lifestyle by taking a thrilling journey of randomness into the unknown! Mindfully exploring the world you never knew existed, right outside your doorstep and discover blindspots, or places near you that are outside of your conscious awareness.

  3. Experience the phenomena of mind and matter entanglement. Randonauts often find what they discover on their journeys line up with the intention they were focusing on in their mind while generating their coordinates. But even if this doesn’t always happen, Randonauts still find value in mindfully exploring the world around them.