19 April 24

Randonautica 3 Initiation

Behold Randonautica 3, a complete overhaul of our app that will introduce many new features when we will release the final version this spring. If you would like to try out the new design already and get new features to play with, week by week until the official release, please stay tuned. We will publish an article about that here in the next days.

We came a long way from the previous version, even though it might not be so obvious when you first open it. The overhaul has bee

11 November 23

Phreaking the Stasis Field

Exciting News! Our Project Manager Toby launched his own channel on YouTube called "Phreaking the Stasis Field" in which he promises to publish controlled Randonautica 'leaks' and uncontrolled thoughts on randomness and contingency.

In the first episode he introduces Randonaut Co. the makers of the Randonautica App and talks about his role in it.

31 October 23

Randonautica tribute to Matthew Perry

🌟 Unveiling Randonautica: A Tribute to Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing) with Vicky 🌟

A sad but sunny day in Manchester UK, October 2023. Join Vicky as she takes you on a heartfelt journey through the p

25 July 23

Randonautica in Barcelona Part 1

Co-founder Auburn and I went to Barcelona to Randonaut - turns out the app is the ultimate tour guide, food finder & miracle-worker.

Part 2 coming soon…

22 June 23

Spooky Solstice Walk

Ugh! I went on a solstice Rando IN A BAD MOOD and the instant I stepped out, a very localised storm dropped heavy rain on me, then I got dead birds, a scary tree, two vagrants, a burnt out playground, a ‘gallows’, an altar, a rat and a weird woman who was right at the attractor.

Took the BF to the same place in the evening and there was a teen with a FLAME THROWER. And then on the way back we saw another RAT.

Honestly my spookiest Rando trip ever. And the moral of the story is -

13 June 23

Rando-Short: The Physics Enigma

The Physics Enigma: Randonautica’s Startling Link to the Building Blocks of the Universe

Deep Blindspots

If you haven't read the previous articles "Reality Tunnels" and "Blind Spots" yet, I recommend starting with them, as this article continues the thoughts started there in an attempt to understand how really deep the rabbit hole is.

We have already discussed that our perception of the world around us is limited by the methodological space of the reality-tunnel and that there are “holes&rd

15 October 22

The Temporal Entropy Source

Written by Theodore H. Smith, developer of the open source Temporal library which we use as secondary source of entropy for random location generation.

I created a library called TemporalLib, that generates random numbers. It generates numbers using the CPU's "time" instruction, and a lot of post-processing on the numbers.

"Time" is a useful physical source of randomness. Using time is similar to using a camera to collec

New Quantum Entropy Source

Today we will once again open the curtain on the technological side of Randonautica and tell you about an important event, Randonautica now has its own Quantum Random Number Generator!

As you remember, for the last 3 years Randonautica was receiving quantum entropy from the open API of the Australian National University, but progress does not stand still, so is our research, which imposes more and more requirements on hardware. It was taken up by MMI researcher Scott Wilber, who develop

13 October 22

Happy Randonautica Day!

Happy #RandonauticaDay everyone. Today marks the day we relaunched our App in 2020 with a new development team after months of technical issues that resulted from the overwhelming popularity of the Randonautica phenomenon that had brought our infrastructure to its knees (remember the weeks of white screen?)

We took this occasion today to make another radical change: we are moving away from pulling entropy data from the Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG)