The 9 Tenets of the Randonauts

Feb 3,  2021

The 9 Tenets of the Randonauts capture the core principles of Randonautica. These tenets were created to highlight what is most important to the Randonautica community and ensure that whoever is using the app is doing it responsibly, safely, and with the right intentions. These are important to keep in mind each and every time you embark on a trip.

See in the Dark

Randonauts show a dedication to exploring the uncertainty around us.

Venture with Mindfulness

Pay attention and practice safety and situational awareness.

Be Sincere

Show compassion and a willingness to understand yourself and the community.

Maintain a High-Vibes Intent

Be luminous in thought and strive to radiate a positive mindset.

Value Inner Life

Show appreciation toward the self as the catalyst for an effect on the external environment.

Bridge Cultural Gaps

Share experiences to assist in understanding of the beauty of shared global consciousness.

Transform and Shift

Curiously test the theory of quantum randomization and the possibility to change your life path or shift into a new, improved space and time.

Bring a Trash Bag

Be respectful of the environment and always leave the place you traveled to better than what it was before.

Embrace Synchronicity

Dive into randomness to find connections and meaning for both yourself and the community.