Happy Randonautica Day!

Oct 4,  2022

Happy #RandonauticaDay everyone. Today marks the day we relaunched our App in 2020 with a new development team after months of technical issues that resulted from the overwhelming popularity of the Randonautica phenomenon that had brought our infrastructure to its knees (remember the weeks of white screen?)

We took this occasion today to make another radical change: we are moving away from pulling entropy data from the Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) hosted at the Australian National University (ANU) that had been our primary source of quantum random numbers from the start. 

Today we are launching updates to our app that will support our very own brand new source of Quantum Entropy: a mysterious black metal box with the cryptic name Comscire PQ128MS with even more mysterious circuitry inside, manufactured by a legend in the field of quantum randomness and mind-matter interaction, Scott Wilber (the guy who also invented the heart-rate sensor technology in your smartwatch!). You can read about his research on his website http://coreinvention.com.

Our engineering team also implemented a backup source of entropy that provides random numbers in case our black box is overloaded. It had been part of the first versions of the app and is an ingenious software library named Temporal coded by an early randonaut named Theodore H. Smith. It calculates random numbers from the variation between high-precision measurements of the time a computer processor takes to execute instructions.

The app update will feature a Settings page that will allow you to choose between these entropy sources, so you can experiment with how they affect your randonaut experiences. You can also find more geeky articles about the QRNG and Temporal in the upcoming days here in the News section of the app.

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