Randonautica 3: Discover & Themes

Jun 2,  2024

Check out the latest update to the public beta. We have fixed a bunch of bugs and added many new things. Most importantly: it is now also available for iOS! Check this updated article for how to participate in the beta test!

When we launched Discover in October 2021 we did not anticipate the enthusiasm with which it was embraced by the Randonauts worldwide, who keep sharing trip reports and engaging in discussions in our own social network.

For Randonautica 3 we decided it's time for a major facelift to make it more immersive and nudge the attention more to the locations themselves. Every report has a large map now that will soon feature even more information, but we can't fully spoil that yet...

...in the meantime enjoy the larger photos, less empty space and the new overall look and feel of Discover in the latest update of the Beta app!

In addition we adapted and improved all the themes that were already available in the old app. They are all unlocked in the beta version so you can try them out for free. Let us know in the comments below which one's your favorite!